ISPE Malaysia

Since 2012, ISPE Malaysia Affiliate serves as a platform to bring the members closer to share good practices, technical updates and knowledge with each other locally as well as through their international network of 18,000 strong members in more than 90 countries around the world.

Every year, they organize educational training events, networking opportunities and virtual conferences for their members.

ISPE Malaysia Affiliate has come a long way since it was first founded. The past 10 years have bore witness of how ISPE Malaysia Affiliate have served their members and how they’ve adapted to different challenges. Forging ahead to the future, ISPE Malaysia Affiliate will continue to deliver cutting edge technical knowledge and more to their members.


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Announcements & News

Volunteer Recognition 2022

ISPE Malaysia volunteers are the foundation and building blocks of the Affiliate. Some continued to pave the way to grow the community, some joined later to further the cause. Our volunteers are students, young and experienced working professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, bond over common goals and aspirations.

Appreciation of Service

We would like to announce that Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tey Kim Kuan has stepped down from her role in ISPE Malaysia Exco. Hereby, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Tey for all her contribution to ISPE Malaysia.




Our 10th anniversary

Cue the confetti because we have just turned 10!

This 10-year journey was not an easy one, but definitely a delightful one and we could not have done it without our members’ and stakeholders’ tremendous support.

Tune in to this video to walk down memory lane with us and hear from our Past Immediate President, Mr Azhar Hussain, our current president Pn Zarina Noordin and our beloved Patron, Dato’ Eisah A Rahman as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the official establishment of ISPE Malaysia Affiliate.

Here’s to Forging New Frontiers, Happy 10th Anniversary ISPE Malaysia Affiliate!


Guidance Documents

ISPE Guidance Documents were written and reviewed by a group of experts in the field, making them must-have references for your company to build on current established good practice and exceed regulatory standards.


Benefits of Membership

Knowledge Sharing

Through ISPE webinars, seminars and conferences, our members stay abreast with industry news, good practices and information from the experts.

Networking Opportunities

Our members have ample opportunities to interact with each other through the various networking events- online or offline!

Idea Exchange

Our members are given access to a variety of materials such as Guidance Documents, Pharmaceutical Engineering magazines, articles from ISPE communities to discuss new ideas, review new technology and support one another.

Not a Member Yet?

Whether networking at events or collaborating through our Communities of Practice, the value of an ISPE membership is in the connections made between pharmaceutical industry professionals and Regulators to collaborate on solutions to common goals and challenges.

Corporate Partners

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