Disinfectant and Decontamination Considerations for Cleanrooms

ISPE Malaysia Affiliate is delighted to invite you to tune into our upcoming webinar on the topic:

Disinfectant and Decontamination Considerations for Cleanrooms

Learning objective:

  • The use of disinfectants as agents to control microbiological contamination of an environment.
  • Data demonstrating the efficacy claim of a disinfectant, whether it is bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal or viricidal, is a clear requirement of BPR or EPA for a disinfectant manufacturer to achieve registration. 
  • Overview of the EN standards available for disinfectant efficacy testing and whilst providing an oversight to specific test phases performed for registration.
  • Guidance on how these standards may be utilized for end user validation. 
  • Review factors to consider when establishing parameters and conditions that may be modified from the standard for the purpose of validation.
  • Benefits and reasons to perform decontamination.
  • How do we know that the technology works and provides an overview of various options available in hydrogen peroxide decontamination for pharmaceutical cleanroom

The details for the webinar are:
Date: 23 June 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 1.30 PM – 4.45 PM
Platform: Zoom

Fees: FREE