Emerging Leaders

ISPE’s Emerging Leaders membership is specially catered for individuals within 1-5 years of university graduation. Recent graduates enjoy a savings of more than 40% per year for the first five years after graduation.

But it’s not just the savings that are amazing; watch the video to learn more about the benefits of joining ISPE Malaysia Affiliate as Emerging Leaders, and hear from our Emerging Leader Chairperson, Dr. Adli Ali, on his wonderful experiences with the organization.

“ISPE does not just offer real-life practical training, but it also introduces me to the numerous key players that are involved in the pharmaceutical industry” – Dr. Adli Ali, Emerging Leader Chairperson, ISPE Malaysia Affiliate

We are proud to feature some of the Emerging Leaders of ISPE Malaysia. The Emerging Leader membership has evolved from recent graduates into a network of professionals who are developing into leaders through building their respective careers and the industry. The ISPE community provides ample opportunities for them to connect with experts, leaders and other young professionals within the industry.