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07 May 2022 News & Press Releases –

ISPE Malaysia volunteers are the foundation and building blocks of the Affiliate. Some continued to pave the way to grow the community, some joined later to further the cause. Our volunteers are students, young and experienced working professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences, bond over common goals and aspirations.

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06 May 2022 News & Press Releases –

We would like to announce that Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tey Kim Kuan has stepped down from her role in ISPE Malaysia Exco. Hereby, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Tey for all her contribution to ISPE Malaysia.

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28 Apr 2022 News & Press Releases –

Introducing to you, our Transformers team!
Comprising of experienced industry experts, the team designs and ‘transforms’ training modules to cater to our members’ training needs. The team plays a key role in driving ISPE Malaysia’s mission to encourage sharing of technical knowledge and good practices.

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13 Apr 2022 News & Press Releases –

Anieta has come onboard as our new Affiliate Manager effective 28 Mar 2022, taking over Valery’s role. Even though Valery’s time with us was brief, Valery has contributed so much and has been very helpful to the Affiliate and the team.

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15 Mar 2022 News & Press Releases –

UPDATE (28-Apr-2022): The vacancy has been filled. 

We are currently looking for an experienced Affiliate Manager for ISPE Malaysia! Please submit your resume to

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04 Mar 2022 News & Press Releases –

Due to the rising number of COVID cases, the Community Health Program will be postponed to a later date. It’s important to us that everyone stays safe. We will be reaching out as soon as we know more. In the meantime, hug your loved ones at home! Be safe and be well.

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01 Mar 2022 News & Press Releases –

This week marks the last week of Pn. Rohani Mohammad‘s service as ISPE Malaysia’s Affiliate Manager. Pn. Rohani has been with us since the very first day when the steering committee was churning out plans and strategies to establish the affiliate.

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28 Feb 2022 News & Press Releases –

In conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of ISPE Malaysia, ISPE Student Chapter from SEGi University is organising a Student Debate Event which will be held on 13th August 2022, 08:00 AM – 01:00 PM.

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21 Feb 2022 News & Press Releases –

In conjunction with the celebration of ISPE Malaysia Affiliate 10th anniversary, all ISPE Malaysia Affiliate members will receive a special anniversary gift as a memento for this joyous occasion and as a token of appreciation for your support. 

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12 Feb 2022 News & Press Releases –

Save the date!

ISPE Malaysia in collaboration with HUKM, will be organizing a community health program at Kampung Balok, Pahang on 19th March 2022!