Students Chapters

Student Chapters under ISPE Malaysia Affiliate provide valuable support to ISPE Student members. It is a great way to build your professional network prior to graduation and get a head start in your career. You’ll find unmatched opportunities to help you network and mentor with top professionals in your field, both locally and internationally, as well as fine-tune skills and develop interviewing practices. Not only that, you can also connect and share ideas with students from other universities.

We are proud to feature our ISPE Student Chapter presidents (past and present). The Student Chapters provide valuable support and opportunities for their personal and professional development.


ISPE Malaysia Student Chapter Virtual Poster Competition

ISPE Malaysia Affiliate would like to congratulate the following winners of ISPE Malaysia Student Chapter Virtual Poster Competition!

🏆  Champion: Chloe Chen Sze Yun (UMP)

🥇 1st Runner Up: Farrah Aina Muhammad Idris (IIUM)

🥈 2nd Runner Up: Adlin Norisya binti Adzman (UoC)


ISPE Student Member

Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, the student chapters of ISPE Malaysia strive to provide students with activities that enable them to build their professional network prior to graduation and get a head start in their career. Check out this video on the 2020/21 activities organised by each student chapters of ISPE Malaysia.

Students Chapters Activities

Engaging Minds: ISPE Malaysia and University of Cyberjaya Foster Student Collaboration

Date: 9th March 2024
Time: 9.00 am to 12 pm
Venue: University of Cyberjaya (UoC), Cyberjaya

ISPE Malaysia and the University of Cyberjaya recently united for a groundbreaking event aimed at enriching student experiences and fostering industry connections. President Puan Zarina Noordin and Industry Advisor En Fadzhairi led the event, supported by Ms. Josemoney, Co-Chair (WiP) and Anieta (Affiliate Manager). The event was initiated by the Faculty of Pharmacy under the guidance of Sir Fashli. We also welcomed the new addition of new Faculty Advisor Dr. Najwa.
President Zarina Noordin’s opening address highlighted the benefits of ISPE membership, emphasizing the importance of industry-academia collaboration. The event featured a stimulating forum and roundtable discussion, enabling students to engage directly with industry experts and mentors. A few alumnus were invited to share their professional journeys, providing invaluable guidance to the students.
The event also showcased ISPE souvenirs designed by the student themselves adding a creative and collaborative element. With over 20 enthusiastic students in attendance, the event was characterized by lively discussions and meaningful connections. It underscored the collaborative effort between ISPE Malaysia and the University of Cyberjaya in nurturing the next generation of emerging leaders.
In summary, the event exemplified the transformative impact of partnership in fostering learning, growth, and professional development. As students departed, they carried with them newfound knowledge and inspiration, marking the beginning of a journey towards excellence in their lives.


Date: 21st December 2023
Time: 9.00 am to 2.00 pm
Venue: Dewan Tun Fatimah, University Pahang Sultan Allaudin, Pahang

ISPE and Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMPA) student chapter recently collaborated to host an event aimed at introducing ISPE Malaysia and further engaging with students. It was organized by Faculty Advisors, Dr Auni Hamimi Binti Idris and Dr Raihana Zahirah Edros and ISPE was represented by Pn Zarina Noordin, the President, Pn Rohani Mohamad (EXCO) and Pn Anietaliza, Affiliate Manager.

Through informative sessions and networking opportunities, students gained insights into various career paths and formed meaningful connections. Beginning with a light breakfast, the event facilitated informal discussions and networking. Interactive sessions led by a brief welcoming speech by Pn Zarina Noordin, both ISPE EXCO and Faculty Advisors provided valuable insights into the benefits of ISPE and how it leads to career paths and sparked curiosity among students. A social gathering allowed for continued networking and relationship building, culminating in a shared lunch where bonds were strengthened. There was also a sharing session with one of the student’s journey Chloe who had received a grant to participate ISPE Conference in Europe and her experience and valuable exposure under ISPE membership.

We were then introduced to the new committee members of UMPSA Student Chapter. With over 20 students in attendance, the event resulted in a notable increase in ISPE membership, highlighting its success in empowering students’ better understanding of ISPE benefits and fostering industry connections.