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26 Jan 2022 News & Press Releases –

Dearest stakeholders and members,

We would like to express our heartiest appreciation to all attendees of our Townhall & 10th Anniversary Virtual Launch today, as well as kind greetings and congratulatory messages that we have received from all of you. Your continuous support has been tremendous and we are here today turning 10 all because of you!

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04 Jan 2022 News & Press Releases –

Cue the confetti – ISPE Malaysia Affiliate is turning 10 this year!
This 2022, we are so thrilled for our 10th anniversary and we can’t wait to celebrate it with you! Look forward to this 26th January 2022 for the 10th Anniversary Virtual Launch where we will officiate the celebration of our 10th year journey and share with you all the exciting plans we have in our calender.

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17 Dec 2021 News & Press Releases –

ISPE Malaysia Affiliate Exco Meeting 05/2021 was successfully held on 17 Dec 2021 at Zenith Putrajaya. It’s been a while since we had a physical Exco meeting and it was delightful to see everyone again! We were also joined by our beloved Patron, Dato’ Eisah. Overall, it was a fruitful meeting and we look forward to delivering more to our members through this society.

12 Nov 2021 News & Press Releases –

We would like to introduce to you the content creators, copywriters and editors of ISPE Malaysia Affiliate social media accounts. More synonymous with the codename ‘𝐉𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐃𝐨 𝐈𝐭’, the team comprises of students, Emerging Leaders and professional industry members who have been curating this page throughout the year.

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01 Nov 2021 News & Press Releases –

In conjunction with the celebration of 10th Anniversary in 2022, ISPE Malaysia Affiliate would like to invite you to create, design and contest a suitable logo containing the wordings of “MYISPE 10th Anniversary” and “Forging New Frontiers”.

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25 Sep 2021 News & Press Releases –

This year’s World Pharmacists Day is an opportunity for us to show appreciation for the trust placed in the profession and increase awareness of this trust. This day recognizes the importance of pharmacists in the contributions they make to patient care, education, research and industry.

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18 Jun 2021 News & Press Releases –

Calling all ISPE Malaysia Affiliate members,
We are pleased to announce that the 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ISPE Malaysia Affiliate will be held on the following date and time together with a virtual townhall and a poster presentation by the winners of Student Chapters Poster Competition 2021 prior to the AGM. The details of the event are as the following:

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19 Mar 2021 News & Press Releases –
Dear ISPE members and fellowship, We are sorry to inform that ISPE Malaysia loyalty programme has been discontinued, effective from the day of this notice is made. However, we will bring you more exciting events and benefits for the members in the future. Stay tuned.

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07 February 2021 – News & Press Releases –
Cell and Gene therapies gained attention in recent years with their potential in alleviating the underlying cause of genetic diseases and acquired diseases. In the emerging cell and gene therapy space, strategic facility planning can help investors and manufacturers to ensure that their facilities will be sufficient to adopt new technologies and processes. A recent article from Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine November-December 2020 Volume 40. Number 6 highlighted this topic.

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20 January 2021 – News & Press Releases
It is with great pleasure to inform that our first event of the year, ISPE Malaysia Virtual Townhall has been successfully conducted today from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM via Zoom. It was a great session where attendees were able to gain updates on ISPE outlook, key strategic areas and future events lined up for the year. Attendees also got to know the Office Bearers and EXCO Members of ISPE Malaysia, while networking and getting to know each other throughout the event.